Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zips galore!!!

Last Saturday I went along to a Zippers for Bags workshop with Nikki at You Sew Girl. It was so much fun. Nikki is a fabulous teacher, and having done a few of her classes now I can highly recommend them. You will learn heaps! So what did we do in the class you ask - different techniques and applications of zips in bags! I love pockets and zips in bags. I'm a list person, so a bag like this is right up my alley!

In the class I completed 4 different type of zips. The first is the zipper closure for the top of the bag.

This is the zip on the outer front of the bag.

This is the hidden zip on the outer back of the bag

This is the inside divider zip piece. Here it is flat, but it will fold along the zip line to be inserted into the bag. 

I also added this zip to the lining when I got home.

The fabrics I have used are from Amy Butler's Lark range, and the charcoal on the back of the bag is from Ikea.

Here is the finished bag!!! It's Nikki's large tote pattern. It's a bit hard to see - my photography skills aren't great, but I used silver nickel oblong rings on the straps. I really like the look of silver on the webbing. 

This pocket is fantastic for putting car keys in - I hate rummaging round in my bag when my hands are full, so now I can pop them in here and find them easily!

And a pocket on the bag to hide more goodies!

I used seatbelt webbing from Auswebbing for the straps this time. I haven't used it before, but I really like it as it's softer than the polypropolene webbing. This is the top of the bag ...

And this is the inside of the bag. Oooohhh - so many and pockets! Now I have places to store everything! 

If you have ever thought about making a bag, Nikki's patterns are great, the instructions are very comprehensive and have lots of pictures in them. I love my new bag! Can't wait to make some more!


  1. GREAT to see the finished bag, Allison!! Thanks for sharing!

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